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- Je décharge l'éditeur de toute responsabilité, si un mineur accde ce serveur cause de ngligences de ma part : absence de protection de l'ordinateur personnel, absence de logiciel de censure, divulgation ou perte du mot de passe de scurit.

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His daughter unfortunately lost her mother just a year ago, so she didn't only thought of me as a rival to her daddy but also to her dead mommy, poor child, i saw her torments, she was asking about intimate details of our relationship which i refused to tell because i knew it will hurt her a lot (i said it wasn't a custom in my family to talk about adult affairs), she couldn't act out because of the strict father, so when we were alone she would just start behaving erratically, i pitied her, i couldn't tell on her to her father at first, then i asked him to talk with her about the place i had in his life, she continued doing it in every subtle way so she won't be caught, my last drop was when she invited her girlfriend and they were laughing behind my back but i didn't tell anything to J., because i always tried to see it her way, she lost her mom and i also felt the pain and shame of me physically replacing her mom in her dad's life, but then, after her friend went away, she asked her father to stop us kissing in our house in the presence of others, and i just shut off at this point.

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It was the power boat that the son was on when the mother first contacted him. Now i am just trying to fill up the ten line requirement for a posting This boat may be called a cabin cruiser or it may be called something else. The boat was big enough for a person to walk into standing up.