Consolidating student loans with sallie mae

I opened a letter from Sallie Mae and for the first time realized exactly how much debt I had racked up over the last four years.I had at least eight different student loans that — if I paid the minimums each month — combined to be over ,000.People like me exist in this world to help those in debt because, unfortunately, it is not always an easy path to become debt free.It requires dedication, understanding, diligence, and sometimes even bravery.I put all of my loan information on a spreadsheet that I regularly updated, which allowed me to get a clear picture of what I owed and how to attack it.I didn’t qualify for any debt relief because I had a high salary, but I definitely looked into it.

If you cannot find where I have covered something related to your situation, you can do me a huge favor and submit your debt and credit questions to me so that I can publish a new page that will help you and others.Many topics are covered here in my answers to people’s debt questions, comments, and blog posts – so much so, that I’ve been forced to get organized.The menu above, and under the logo, is being relaunched as of summer 2016.In short order you will be able to click each topic listed and have a review you can access that will also help you determine which resources on the site will best help you, and how to get to them quickly.Debt relief can be a really quick topic for some, and something of a journey for others.

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