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After Banner suffered a cut, a drop of his blood landed into a bottle of soft drink, which was eventually drunk by an unsuspecting, ill-fated customer.

Following this, General Ross discovered his location and sent Emil Blonsky and a special forces team to apprehend him.

Learning that she possessed the last of the data, he explained her father's plan for him, and why he must continue running.

While getting ready to leave, the military arrived, and Blonsky, enhanced by some of the experimental serum Ross had tried to produce himself, led the assault.

As the Hulk, he is very aggressive especially when he changed into the Hulk when he was angry, after changing into the Hulk, he causes destruction to his surroundings and beats anything in his path, however, he has a soft spot for animals.

While trying to evade the special forces, Banner was attacked by thugs and became the Hulk.

The Hulk killed some of the thugs and the special forces team and escaped, leaving Blonsky unharmed.

He is a brilliant scientist whom Tony Stark likes and he makes great work which makes him a great scientist as well.

Given that Bruce also sometimes can feel a little upset or angry and depending on what he's feeling.

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Instead of trying to suppress his transformations, he began attempting to initiate them in a controlled manner.

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