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With the details you have provided in your comment, there is not much anyone can assess. Are there any delays that are longer than a minute? In my experience, I would say that anything less than 30 seconds would be normal/acceptable.However, it shouldn't persistently take that long, in which case you would want to begin looking into optimizing your Exim configuration and also diagnose the resource usage during the times you are experiencing extreme delays. Sincerely, Carlos EIdeally, this code can be copied and modified.$mail-Hi John-Paul, I have just logged in to webmail as you suggested using the same details as are in my php script. Pat, did you mean that you're not able to login to webmail at all, or just that you're not able to send?If you are able to login and are trying to send, which address are you trying to send to, and are you receiving any bounce back messages?This is akin to a closing tag in HMTL, and the mail processor will need it to know when you are done with your email body.Hi, Will it possible to work if I change contact_to also xampp localhost?In order to investigate this problem, we would need more information concerning the email address, any error messages, account information and steps to duplicate the issue. I can send the email to my hotmail account successfully vis XAMPP or WAMP in localhost, however when I posted the php and html file in my server hosting domain, I failed to send the email to my hotmail account. Thank you Hello,this code run properly but i want this code for my website where 1 admin that is me recieve all mails from diffrent users where users does't enter their password. please help Website is having simple feedback form and I am expecting any visitor (unknown) can send the feedback and that feedback content will go to my site contact email id.

The errors I am getting are "Enter message with "." on a line by itself" (There is no line in the email that contains just a period). The message about entering a "." on a line by itself is so that the mail processor knows when you are done with your message.

As long as you have the correct server references and correct credentials then, it should work.

It is possible that server security is blocking is blocking the script from working.

The results will differ based on the recipients server's rules.

Thank you, John-Paul Hello Elvis, Sorry for the problem with the message.

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