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When asked where her alter-ego may be "hiding out", Brown said: "I am still getting healthy from my car accident.

Right now, Sheila is hiding out in North Carolina—playing golf. ""She seduced another woman's husband and stole their child... because the hand that rocked The Young and the Restless is now rocking The Bold and the Beautiful. On the topic of Sheila and Lauren's "cat fights", Brown said: "People like cat fights because we can get away with what you can't get away with in everyday life. There might be someone that [boy] you just might want to put it to someday, and you can't, but you can turn on the TV and see Sheila do it, and get away with it. And well they just didn't make it that easy for me, did they?

And Stephanie couldn't stop me." Sheila was introduced on The Young and the Restless in 1990 as she relocated to Genoa City from Michigan.

Sheila was a nurse who worked at Genoa City Memorial Hospital and immediately fell in love with the married Dr. Her feelings for Scott quickly turned from infatuation to obsession.

The Golden Radish Award is given to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) in Georgia who are...

SHEILA MARGARET CLARKE of Hale, passed away peacefully on October 12th aged 83 years.

Sheila Carter is a fictional character from The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful, American soap operas on the CBS network. Bell, the role was introduced in 1990 — by Edward J.

She continued making appearance from January 7 to 14, 1993, February 19, 1993, to March 2, 1993, October 11, 1993, October 19 to 27, 1993, January 12, 1994, and February 28, 1995, until March 2, 1995.

In July 2005, after a 10-year absence from The Young and the Restless, it was announced that Brown was to reprise the role.

She's manipulative but never in a bitchy way, in a way to get things accomplished, and get things done the way she wants to. Stephanie felt she could be a better provider for my child than I could.

When being nice and being diplomatic and when being all those things don't work any longer, she snaps." On Sheila's relationship with Stephanie Forrester, Brown said: "Stephanie made my life miserable. And you know what, you don't keep a mother like Sheila away from her child, you just don't do that.

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