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it took us 2 years of having our daughter's back when she had a rotten boyfriend and because we welcomed him into our home, she was more inclined to notice that his treatment of her and us was not acceptable.Drive them out and she will take a lot longer to see him in a true light if he becomes all she has.Let her support him with her salary, don't contribute any money, but have him in for dinner and be polite and generous in that.She will eventually get tired of spending her money on him, and she will still be at home.My parents hated a few boyfriends but they never ever broke it off themselves, I learnt the hard way and Im glad I did!

He has texted us several times giving us his sob story saying things would be better if he could live with us. I had issues growing up too and would have NEVER asked my wifes parents to live with them.

My daughter just graduated last June, we were so proud of her. Her boyfriend has an abusive father in another state and a drug addict mother who just got out of prison, he has been living with grandparents. Anyway, we said hell no he cant live with us, so my daughter basically ran away with him for the night which they spent behind a church.

For a while she would spend her time at work and with her boyfriend then come home at pm. He also got a ticket for driving without a liscence, my car, and ran into the back of someone.

To say I wanted him as far away from my daughter as possible would be an understatement.

I was reminded of this encounter when I recently read how one in five parents admits plotting to get rid of a child’s boyfriend or girlfriend, by withholding messages, hiding mobiles, stirring up arguments or enforcing a ban.

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