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Operating in two-horse, four-hour shifts, eight animals were needed per vehicle.Their popularity led to ever more manure littering city streets — a problem felt by cities around the world.

By 1912, cars outnumbered horses on the streets of NYC and by 1917 the last horsecar was put out of commission and the issue of horse droppings slowly disappeared into history.

It's part of what makes living here so interesting. How will you ever meet your soulmate when you're both at home boning up on experimental French cinema?

Where can you find someone who will love you and your stacks-upon-stacks of classic comic books? But, make sure you're heading to a place where you're bound to meet-cute with someone just your style.

These, in turn, spread diseases, elevating the problem from a nuisance to a public health crisis. In ancient Rome, Julius Caesar banned horse-drawn carriages due to gridlock and pollution.

In New York City, though, that seemed implausible — horses were just too essential for urban transportation and shipping.

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In the late 1800s, the city hired drainage engineer George E.

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