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Date of Birth is not provided by the Federal Reserve Board. Search results may include Name, Age, Address, Arrest Date, Conviction Date, Judicial Status, Offense, DEA Registration Status, and Case Remarks. Australia Sex Offender Registry This file contains individuals convicted of a sexual offense, murder of a child, and other forms of child abuse in Australia. Search results may contain Name, Address, Medical Center, Offense Description, Action Taken, Notice Date, and Term. New York OMIG - Excluded Individuals List Data contains a list of individuals whose participation in the New York Medicaid program has been restricted, terminated or excluded under the provisions of 18 NYCRR 504.7(b) - (h), 515.3, or 515.7.

Individuals appearing on the disqualified/totally restricted list are restricted from receiving investigational drugs, biologics, or devices if FDA determines that the investigator has repeatedly or deliberately failed to comply with regulatory requirements for studies or has submitted false information to the study's sponsor. Most Wanted List Data includes Name, Offense, Place Of Birth, Nationality, Warrant Info, Gang Affiliation, and Photo. MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base - Historical Data Developed by the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism (MIPT), the Terrorism Knowledge Base offers in-depth information on global terrorist incidents, terrorism-related court cases, and terrorist groups and leaders through April 2008.

Some states do not permit any records to be shown that are older than 7 years, even convictions -- even if those records come from another state.

This is the most common restriction, but others can apply. For an instant search, we require a date of birth match, which some sources do not provide.

Our database is one of the most comprehensive available -- if we don't have it, other instant search sites won't have it either.

Depending on the state in which you use our reports, results may be limited by the restrictions imposed by that state.

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