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While Queensland Newspapers continues to look after those in important place who look after them (regardless of how corrupt these high flyers might be), the chief writer for the only other supposedly ‘well read’ outlet slides down the bannister trying to stay clear of any controversy but winding up with a bum full of splinters.

Now we have the racing writers dragged into the shit heap with one of their own the subject of some very serious allegations being levelled by some respected racing folks thanks to Archie Butterfly.

Stories of horses being treated with illegal ‘hits’ on the way to the races are commonplace.

Stewards are obviously aware fining trainers for late arrival of starters at the track but the fines being imposed are slaps on the wrists compared to the betting returns when horses win.

It will be interesting to see whether The Courier-Mail stands by their freelance racing writer Grant Stockwell who is in more shit than a Werribee duck at present.

Dickhead Eliot Forbes (we won’t call him ‘Dr’ because he apparently doesn’t deserve that title) says the decision was ‘unavoidable’. ‘Nifty’ Neville Bell, just back from another jet-setting expedition off-shore, says: “The decision to call it now ensures we give the Eagle Farm track every opportunity to perform to the highest of standards which our stakeholders, members, patrons and punters deserve.” It was called ages ago by those in the racing media who call a spade a spade.

The year is about to end with the image of racing in Queensland at an all-time low.

The Eagle Farm debacle and the inability of the Brisbane Racing Club to address a series of allegations levelled at directors and some key staff along with allegations that those running the show at Albion Park had ‘inside knowledge’ of the ‘rorts’ that are being alleged and unearthed in harness racing is becoming embarrassing.

The sad aspect is that some high profile officials and integrity officers are being accused of being party to what is going on which simply isn’t good enough.

It took the exposes of a brave investigative journalist like Archie Butterfly to make a disbelieving racing world stand up and listen.

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