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Unfortunately, the sports star had to miss out on the family fun as he was busy working covering the game for Fox Sports, but clearly the two made up for the time away from each other with a romantic Sunday evening.

He was merely returning the favor; The little girl had performed for the singer and several other people at home last week.

As seen in videos he posted on his Instagram Stories feed, the two had a blast.

Natasha even got to go on stage after the show and bust out some dance moves.

She was featured in the clip lifting free weights, using a lat machine, and sparring with boxing gloves - a sport she came to love after using it as part of the training for her role as a New York City police detective in her hit TV drama Jennifer Lopez and Alec Rodriguez went public with their relationship earlier this year Since going public with their new relationship in March, Jennifer and Alex have frequently been spotted engaging in sporty activities together, and the former New York Yankees star was excited to show his girlfriend his new business venture.

Rodriguez also posted on his regular Instagram feed a video of them with J.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been dating for almost a year, and they recently let the world know how much they love each other by posing together as Vanity Fair's December cover stars.

Luckily, we sat down, did the math, and figured out who the best celebrity couple is on Instagram. We went through all the pictures couples have posted over the past month — photos together got a full point, pics of each other got a half-point, and that one rare instance where Nick Lachey posted about digging through the trash to find his wife’s ring also got him a half-point.

Using our point system, we were able to calculate what percentage of each couple’s content was focused on their relationship.

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