How to do carbon dating calculation

I recently found data on 4140 steel and added it to the plot.

The calculations were only for 4340 steel, but they look very similar. Density Yng's Poiss Yld Ult Elong Redu CTE Yld lb/in^3 Modul Ratio Strs Strs % Area 10^-6 off- msi ksi ksi % /deg F set steel wrought 4340 1 in.

A sliding interface between the disk and the support allows sliding between the disk and the backup piece.

There is a conical dimple at the center of the burst disk.

The above three screen shots show the information on my 7-Mach computer recently assembled and running the Windows 7 64 bit Release Candidate. I did have to set the Energy Management to "never" turn of the computer or monitor. Top Crunch FEA Benchmark Problem Downloads plus Results for numerous computers. Part edges to show the extensive detail of the model.

Movie of the Neon_Refined_Revised Benchmark Calculation. You can purchase quality materials from Online Metals in any quantities/sizes.

B440 This is the analysis of a high strength 4-40 heat treated cap screw under axial load.

There is a type 4 sliding interface between the bullet and the plate.

The diamond cone, used for the Rockwell C hardness testing, has a 120 degree included angle with a 0.02 mm tip radius.

In the calculation, the loading is identical to the actual test procedure.

These two measurements are used to calculate the Rockwell C hardness.

A friction coefficient of 0.2 is used between the diamond surface and the steel. The difference of the first 10 Kg load depth and the second 10 Kg depth, measured in millimeters divided by 0.002 mm and then subtracted from 100 is the Rockwell C hardness.

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