How to avoid dating insecure men

But know this ladies, your love and enabling ways won’t diminish his insecurities; it only keeps them going.Being supportive and accepting help, but your man must find the will to step up to the plate and do his inner work on his own in order for his insecurities to fade.So before you figure out who you want to date, you might want to turn the focus inward and make sure you’re growing and taking responsibility for your own flaws.However, when it does come time to date, there are some traits you should probably avoid.

The “I’m not good enough” complex also relates to fear and insecurity that he’s not good enough sexually. This often comes partly because men typically orgasm before women.

Joseph Nowinski points out that with insecurity comes a form of dependence on others to look good and “do for me.” Is your man dependent on you for his well-being and making look good?

If he doesn’t feel good about himself, he’ll likely make you responsible for his inadequacies and vulnerabilities.

Or he may cycle through a combination, switching from the extremes of passive Whatever we focus on, we create the likelihood of it happening in our reality.

By focusing on our insecurities (thinking that helps us avoid them) we actually illuminate them on the unconscious level.

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