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Another study published in the journal, Psychology of Women Quarterly, found women who are ten or more years older than their partner report more satisfaction and relationship commitment compared to women who are the same age or younger than their partner.“We don’t know for sure, but it may be because when the woman is older, it shifts the traditional heterosexual power dynamic toward greater equality.We know from a lot of research that greater equality tends to make couples happier,” writes study author Dr.

A recent study shows women are more likely to choose a younger man when dating online.

On the other hand, older women are already established, are more comfortable in their skin and are finished with all the BS games they played when they were younger.

This is a big reason why younger men find older women so attractive.

Are you interested in a fling, a committed long-term relationship or friends with benefits?

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you won’t know if the man you’re dating is the right fit.

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Either way, you know that a man isn’t going to make or break you.

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